William Villaverde
pianist | educator | entrepreneur
Cuban Memoirs

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Andres Alen's CD endorsement

​As a composer, I’m always surprised when listening to my music as performed by other musicians, with their different approaches that are some-
times new and unexpected. I certainly find this process to be very interesting and challenging. But the truth is that I am somehow happiest when hearing performances of my works that are as close as possible to the original ideas that inspired them. It’s almost like when I “heard” them
for the first time in my head before even writing them down. This composer performer affinity is exactly what I feel when listening to William Villaverde’s recording. Because of his unique knowledge of classical, jazz and Cuban music genres, he truly understands the nature of my works, bringing out the different styles and effects in the proper places and combining them seamlessly into a coherent whole. His brilliant technique and interpretive skills do the rest to achieve great performances of my music. Thank you, William.

—Andrés Alén